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18 Irish Teenage Struggles That We'll Never Truly Forget

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Ah, the life of a teenager. We look back now with rose-tinted glasses upon the days of unbridled possibilities and flourishing relationships, when really our days of yore were a fantastic display of continuous discomfort.

Being an adult may involve stamp duties and deadlines, but we'd take that over these 18 struggles any day...

1. Not being able to reply to your crush cause they weren't Meteor

Those free texts raise you up, only to crush you back down.

Or, equally...

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2. Running out of webtexts



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3. Being the soundest version of yourself one minute...

...then being the walking Antichrist the next.


4. Only realising your metabolism isn't what it used to be when it's too late

Like a year too late.

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5. Realising your intelligence peaked in sixth class

And maybe looks, and potentially everything else.

200 3

6. The relentless search for an ID

Or the hundred different ways you styled your hair to attempt to look like your older sibling.

Or even attempting the steaming kettle trick to replace the photo on their paper license...

200 5

7. Seeing your crush in daylight and it being the END OF THE WORLD

Also, fancying everyone.

How did we go about our lives?

200 6

8. Civvies days

Or 'non-uniform days' for townies. 

Attempting to emulate a look that looks fresh to death, but also like you couldn't care less, was the most arduous of tasks.

200 7

9. Feeling like the most grown-up person in the world but not having any responsibilities 

Or money. Or a car. Or means of getting by.

200 8

10. Trying to keep up your legend status and trying to get into college... while also looking like you don't care

200 9

11. Everything being an ordeal

Forgot your blue pen and you must use black? OH GOD, ANYTHING BUT THIS.

200 10

12. Pubescent politics

''No, you can't invite him because he topped her and they went to the cinema and shifted while he was supposed to be her other half on Bebo. Like, can you think of anything worse?''

200 11

13. Screaming at your mum to get off the phone so you could go on the internet

Your Bebo pages needs updating or no-one will give you their luv!

200 12

14. Spending an hour getting ready for school every morning

When school is your social life, you have to look slick as can be from 8am onwards.

Not to mention the sick threads you've bought yourself for PE.

200 13

15. Spending what seems like HOURS in school puberty and safe sex talks

And eye-rolling like a champ when the phrase 'your body is changing' is rolled out.

200 S

16. Parents not understanding how important it is to be eight hours early to a concert

But what if they're there mum? What if they're THERE?

200 14

17. Your first heartbreak

It may have been a random passer-by on a bus but... Jack and Rose knew nothing of this PAIN.

200 15

18. And finally – attempting to cover your hickeys because they're gross versus wanting people to know you have hickeys because you're a legend

Who wins this time, your evil core or your conscience?

200 16


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