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20th Dec 2016

19 Vending Machines You Have To Use Before You Die


Most of us have bought simple items like cans of drink or snacks in a vending machine before, but there is a whole world of new vending machines popping up all over the world. As you’ll see from the list below you can pretty much buy anything from a machine these days making it even easier to get rid of our hard earned cash…

1. The gold vending machine that first popped up in Dubai and has spread all over the world. Because you never know when you would be down the shops and want a bit of gold.


2. Travellers to the USA will have seen these Best Buy vending machines in most airports. You can buy everything from an iPad to Beats headphones.

best buyexpress

3. How about these milk vending machines? Free to get your milk 24/7, just fill up your bottles straight from here.


4. These Bitcoin vending machine have been popping up in the UK and USA. Pop your bank notes in and you’ll get instant virtual currency.


5. We love burritos and much as we’d prefer to see somebody making them for us you do have to admit that you’d like to try this machine at least once!


6. You normally think of vending machines as having unhealthy food but these salads sold in the USA in a jar are chilled and with loads of fresh ingredients. Perfect for busy office areas.


7. Taking things to a crazy level as they tend to do in LA is this machine stocked with the very best caviar in the world.


8. Selfridges in the UK put this vending machine into their shops so as people tired of shopping could have a little flute and rest their feet.


9. The Japanese have always been good at saving space. This lettuce machine lets you grab greens on the way home.


10. They do things a little different over in China and that includes selling fresh crabs from a vending machine.


11. Thank god we don’t have one of these cupcake machines near our office or we’d be using it every single day. Awesome idea.


12. A bra vending machine so as you are never caught out without one and can grab one on the run if needed.


13. A machine that sells cycling helmets and placed in popular city transit spots. An expensive purchase but one that could save your life.


14. Targeted at both kids and their parents and placed in busy transit areas who wouldn’t want to grab some LEGO to keep them entertained?


15. We were slightly surprised that this pizza vending machine was located in Italy but if anybody is going to make a decent job of pizza made by a robot it will be them. Has to be tried at least once just to see!


16. 2nd hand book shops have been having a tough time of late but this novel little idea lets you buy a random book for just $2.


17. Heading to an important meeting or a private members club but don’t have a tie? No longer a problem although the styles are a little dubious.


18. Ever been stuck in a public bathroom with no toilet paper? Fear not as this vending machine dispenses a few sheets at a time.


19. We saved the best to last… the beer vending machine. Available in Japan. Can’t imagine what would happen if they had these in Ireland. Carnage.