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10th Mar 2018

23 Memories That Will Haunt Anyone Who Went To An All Girls Secondary School


Ah, your school days; they were the best of times, they were the worst of times.

But they were mostly spent waiting for the day you finally get to leave the hell-hole you called school.

Going to an all girls school though, was a unique experience, and unless you were in that girly circle, you don’t even have a clue.

But if you were one of the lucky (or unlucky, depending on your viewpoint) ones who were part of that special time, you’ll remember these things.

1. Wearing pyjamas under your skirt

Tucked into your knee-high socks, they were the perfect way to stay warm during the cold walk to school, and sure, you could barely see them.

Or so you thought, until you got to school and were ordered to take them off.

2. Fancying the youngest male member of staff

Even if he wasn’t worthy. He was male and young, therefore he was good looking. #logic

3. The smell of fake tan on Thursdays

And the orange necks and hands to match.

4. Competing with one another to see whose legs are the hairiest

You may have started school shaving your legs every second day, but that soon disappeared and your inner natural woman came out to play.

5. Having céilís with the local boys school

And ignoring the shit out of each other.

6. The utter hysteria before vaccinations

Tears, tantrums and a whole lot of fainting.

7. Rolling your skirt up for the walk home

You could never guarantee that you wouldn’t see someone you know … a male someone you know. Always better to be prepared.

8. Intensely judging every teacher’s outfit

They have the freedom to wear what they like, and that’s what they chose?!

9. How possessive you were about your lunch table

There would be hell to pay should someone else steal your table.

10. Struggling to get the balance of your messy bun

The line between sloppy and cool was very, very thin.

11. Dressing up as a guy for your school musical

No boys allowed *snaps fingers*

12. Everyone owning the same clothes

You’d turn up to your friend’s house in the same Penneys as top as the rest of them, but it was expected.

13. Uggs

So. Many. Uggs.

14. Wearing a full face of makeup to school for picture day

Your class photos are a sea of orange.

15. Everyone crying at the end of TY

Because yeah, it’s not like we’ve another two years of each other.

16. Playing Cupid with the teachers

They were definitely flirting and you weren’t sure whether to be delighted or disgusted.

17. Everyone bringing 3x the clothes they need for a school trip

There were more suitcases than students on the bus.

18. There being a “cool” way to wear your uniform

And you can’t be seen dead wearing it the other way.

19. Being shocked when someone drastically changed their hair colour

But getting used to it when everyone died their hair bright red for that one year.

20. Starting to shop for your debs dress in third year

And no doubt picking something you will regret in years to come.

21. Awkwardly sitting beside your best friend in the middle of a fight

Assigned seats don’t care for your petty squabbles.

22. Being insanely jealous of those in a mixed school

The glamour of it all.

23. Going into school not really caring what you looked like

Mixed schools may have had boys, but girls schools had girls who did not give a shit what they looked like.

Who’s the real winner here?

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