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20th Dec 2016

300,000 People Are Set To Be Visually Impaired In Ireland By 2020


Up to 300,000 people in Ireland reportedly will be visually impaired by 2020.

Scary, scary stuff.

The two main contributing factors to this horrid set of facts are an ageing population and diseases such as diabetes.

Voluntary organisation, Fighting Blindness, is hosting a Retina conference looking at ways to treat and cure vision impairment, to help those at risk. 

Caitriona Dunne from the organisation said regular check-ups were crucial to maintaining eye health.

246,000 people are affected by severe vision impairment or blindness, and that number is going up. The good thing is that for some of these conditions there are treatments available if you get tested early.

There you have it, folks. 

Let this be your reminder.

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