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20th Dec 2016

5 Beautiful, Easy And Fun Ways To Print Your Instagram Photos

Alana Laverty

We all love Instagram.

There’s something just so aesthetically pleasing about beautiful photos framed in a perfect little squares – it’s ingrained in us now. 

We often forget about our older photos though… so why not get them printed and keep them forever?

The following apps and services offer slick and cool ways to print your Insta pics effortlessly. Really worth checking out if you’re the sentimental type. 

1. Postagram

This easy-to-use app lives right in your phone. 

Delivery to Ireland does take slightly longer than the average litir. 

But I sent a few to friends and family in the States for 88 cent a piece. To Ireland it works out at about 50c more expensive. But that’s still naaaathin’ for a cute postcard AND postage. 

Zero effort and a bargain. 

Your recipient can easily pop out the pic too and keep it forever. And ever. And ever. 


2. Social Print Studio 

This one is soooooo fab.

You can print sticker books, laptop and phone cases, photo albums, magnets, metal, canvas and panoramic prints and photo strips – all super slick and clean cut. 

It ain’t too expensive either, and whatever you do spend will be an investment. Memories last a lifetime after all. 

I ordered a rake of large square prints from them recently to make a photo wall in my room ‘cos I am like, sooo cool. 

Screen Shot 2016 08 22 At 13 49 50

3. Artifact Uprising

These soft cover photo books are so beautiful. Great quality, cool designs and options – all really well put together. 

Prices starts at €19, and for a gift or keepsake that is soouuunnd.  

They also do wooden calendars and hardback photo books. Slightly steeper but pretty all the same. 

Screen Shot 2016 08 22 At 14 38 48

4. Stitchta

This website allows you to print your Insta pics onto pillows, scarves, bags, purses, pouches and, bizarrely enough, an ottoman. 

They look really cute and make an original and unique gift.

Shipping is kind of pricey, though, so take note of that. 

Zipper 920

5. Casetify

These guys make beautiful customisable phone cases along with cases for other electronic items. 

They can cater for Samsung phones, Apple watch straps, laptop sleeves and iPad covers. 

The cases are actually protective too, not those shit, thin ones that let your phone shatter into smithereens. 

Screen Shot 2016 08 22 At 15 06 02

If you’re lucky enough to own an Apple watch then you should definitely consider pimping out one of these. 

Screen Shot 2016 08 22 At 15 06 52

Snap happy. 

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