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06th Apr 2017

5 Classic Wardrobe Emergencies — And How To Fix Them Quickly


We’ve all been the tragic victims of a wardrobe emergency at one point or another. 

A strap snaps or a zipper breaks and your heart sinks. Your outfit is ruined and you’ve nothing to change into.

Fear not, my fellow fashion loving friends, there are a few things that you can do to salvage a malfunctioning outfit — and your plans.

1. A broken zip

If the zipper comes off or is stuck because individual teeth have become misaligned, you can try using a pair of pliers to move the teeth back into place and see if the slider works once again.

If you’re really prepared and have a mini sewing kit at home, simply sew yourself into the dress, or safety pin it for real emergencies.

These tips are also great for when a strap breaks and you need to sew or pin it back in place.

Dress Zipper

2. You get foundation on your clothes

You’ll probably want to reach for a damp cloth in this situation, but resist the urge! It’ll leave a water mark. 

Instead, blot the foundation dry and add some talcum powder, this should usually lift the foundation stain.

If this still doesn’t work, shaving cream usually does the job. Simply rub some in to the stained area, rinse with cold water. Then, use your hairdryer to quickly dry the area.

Stained Shirt

3. You spilled red wine on your clothes

The easiest thing to do is dab the stain with water and salt. However, for a more heavy duty stain, try this trick: soak it with white wine, let it sit, and rinse it out with water.

Wine Stained Shirt

4. Your heels are cutting into your feet

With new shoes, always have plasters on hand. They will save your night and your feet!

If you don’t have either, go to the closest shop and pick up a pair of sheer stockings. Socks and heels are cute together, and it looks adorable. 

Roll it down a little and you’re back on trend again and comfortable.

Painful High Heels

5. Your pant hem is way too long

Maybe you brought them to wear with a certain pair of sky-high heels, they’re cutting your feet and you can’t bear to wear them, but now your hems are too long with the lower shoes you’re wearing. 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to drag your hems along the ground for the whole night. Create a fake hem by folding it up, sewing or taping it in place, and then pressing an iron or straightener on the new hem to create a hard edge.

Trouser Hem

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