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04th Jul 2017

5 Of The Best New Releases To Check Out In Irish Cinemas This Week

James Fenton

If you’re planning on heading to the cinema this week, there’s a varied selection of movies to choose from.

From slapstick comedies to Irish productions to fast-paced crime thrillers, we’ve got you covered. 

All of the following movies are out this weekend. Which ones will you be checking out?

The House

If you’re into Will Ferrell’s shtick then this is an enjoyable couple of hours. The funnyman plays a dad who turns his basement into a casino after he and his wife (Amy Poehler) spend their daughter’s college fund. Inevitably, hilarity ensues. 

Halal Daddy

A young British Indian-Muslim has the craic after moving from Bradford to Sligo only for his auld lad to turn up and wreck everything. 

Colm Meaney does what he does best in a supporting role. 

Despicable Me 3

The first two editions of the animation were almost as enjoyable for adults as they were for kids. Head along, whether you have minions of your own or not. 

All Eyez On Me

A biopic of hip-hop revolutionary Tupac Shakur right from his early days in New York to his tragic 1996 death which was mourned worldwide.

Baby Driver

The pick of the bunch this week. Kevin Spacey plays a crime boss who sets up a doomed heist with a team of misfit bank robbers. Well worth parting with your hard-earned spends.

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