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05th Nov 2017

Six Classically Perfect Black Jumpers You Can Get In The Shops Right Now


It’s freezing outside, and we need to jump into warm comfy clothes straight away. 

Jumpers are one thing we can never resist buying, especially black ones. They go with everything, will never look untrendy and are basically a wardrobe essential.

Plus, it doesn’t feel half as indulgent buying something as beautifully practical as a snuggly jumper.

Here’s six of the best ones in the shops right now…

Fuzzy jumper – Mango €19.95

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Sweater with bow – Zara €39.95

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Black cable corset – Topshop €68


Textured knit jumper – H&M – €27.99


Fur sleeve jumper – Zara €39.95

6873171800 6 1 1

Puffed sleeve sweater – Mango – €25.95


Cashmere blend Bardot – Topshop €50 


Is it bad if we get them all?…

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