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21st Jun 2018

6 Times RTÉ News Reports Were Completely Ruined By Members Of The Public


RTÉ reporters really do have a hard time of it.

Whenever they live in a public place, there’s always that chance that a member of the public is gonna dive into the shot and do something outrageous. We Irish are great for pulling shite like that.

We’ve assembled a short list of times where passers-by took it upon themselves to spoil a perfectly good live segment. Enjoy.

1. A great bunch of lads

The most recent incident of unwanted public interaction with live Irish telly. David Murphy was mid-flow through his report when a gang of passing boyos thought they’d throw him this curveball…

(Click here if you’ve trouble seeing the video.)

2. Joe Little: big legend

Little remained cool as a breeze when a videobomber got all up in his grill and ever-so-gently directed the offender out of shot. He was even polite about it.

What a pro.

3. When potty-mouthed teens strike

Nothing spoils your serious reporter shtick quite a teenage boy standing right by your ear and shouting– well, just listen for yourself.

4. Poor Martina can’t catch a break

Not too long after the above incident took place Martina Fitzgerald had a second report ruined by another member of the public who really needed an outlet.

At least this one kept it PG.

5. Dang distracting youths

Paul Reynolds would’ve finished his segment without a hitch if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!

6. And, of course, this lad demolishing a 99

I think we can all agree this cameraman was just taking the piss with this one.

Did we miss any moments where the public ruined an RTÉ report? Let us know in the comments.

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