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22nd Apr 2022

7 bizarre moments from Irish politicians on social media

Fiona Frawley

The type of hard-hitting content we live to provide.

If we opted to write about the serious, actual questionable decisions that Irish politicians have made over the past few years, it’d make for a depressing afternoon. No one needs that in their lives right now. So, in the interest of keeping things light and breezy, here’s a round up of some of the strangest ventures into the online world from the leaders of our country.

Minstas on Insta

An interesting one from earlier this year, giving the people of Ireland a gentle nudge to follow their favourite… “minsta” on Instagram, with each ministers handle listed in the video description (they didn’t opt for a thumbs up emoji by Stephen Donnelly’s name – wasted opportunity in my opinion).

Leo on TikTok

There aren’t really words for this one.

Fianna Fáil’s Wordle attempt

I can honestly say I didn’t have Fianna Fáil Using Wordle to Share Housing Stats on Twitter on my 2022 bingo card. They really caught us off guard with this one. The irony of Ireland’s republican party using an online game to share housing stats in the midst of a housing crisis wasn’t lost on us, and neither was the fact that they used six letters instead of five.

Mary Lou McDonald playing Darren Conway’s Ma

Some things just make sense, and the leader of Sinn Féin playing the mother of an Irish sketch comedian for the gram is one of them.

A day in the life of Simon Harris

Nothing too crazy about this one, I just enjoy him standing outside a service station near Mullingar with a sausage roll, being pelted by the wind. A man of the people. Or something.

Michael Healy Rae on TikTok

I’ll be honest, I’ve replayed the bit where he cracks the egg off his head approximately 48 times.

Fine Gael says put your phone away on date night

To be fair, who else would you be going to for advice on your love life? Tim Lombard advises us to put our phones away while spending time with loved ones, while sat beside a person dressed as a massive mobile phone. No questions from me.

Any bizarre moments we missed?

Header image via Tiktok/Michael Healy Rae 

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