7 Doodles That Illustrate Your Life Perfectly

So simple but so true


Instachaaz is a seriously slick new Instagram account that has a brilliant knack of summing up the simple things in life on tiny yellow sticky notes. Graphs, doodles and drawings all make perfect sense and you can relate to them instantly.

Check out 7 of his best below and you'll find yourself nodding along to every single one. For more of them head over to the full Instagram and follow him. This guy is going to get huge.

Hump day drinks

Yes, I will be needing all the coffee today. ALL OF IT.

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Every single time we eat out!

"Um.... You go first"

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Crucial dinner party info

One of the hardest jobs in the world

Real life phone problems

Always the case. (Requested by @khook)

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Completely accurate movie watching reality

Yes, The Room is on a completely different chart, I know.

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Bus LOLs


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