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27th Sep 2018

7 Obvious Signs You’re Dealing With A F*ckboy

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

We’ve all been there, realising that the guy you’re into is actually a bit of a f*ckboy and is just screwing you around. Heartbreaking.

Before you catch feels next time though, here are seven telltale signs that you’ve got a f*ckboy on your hands.

7. He Never Follows Up On Plans

Probably one of the most irritating traits about f*ckboys is that they seem interested by suggesting to go on date but they never ever follow up on it.

Every girl has been there, getting that little flutter of excitement thinking someone wants to wine and dine you and ending up being left to drink that bottle of vino you’ve kept in the fridge for weeks all by yourself.

Bail on me once – shame on you, bail on me twice – shame on me.

6. He’s Sh*t At Keeping In Contact

If you’ve been checking your phone every few minutes for two or three days and gotten no reply, he’s probably a f*ckboy.

Lets be honest, in this day and age we are on our phones a lot. It takes a couple of seconds to reply to someone and if he’s not willing to take that precious time out of his day for you… well, he’s just not worth it.

5. He Doesn’t Bring You Out With Friends

If he has a party or event with friends coming up and you’re not invited, that’s a bad sign girls. It almost feels like he doesn’t want to go public with you, which screams f*ckboy territory.

4. He’s On His Phone When You Meet Up

Whenever he actually makes the effort to meet up with you he seems to be glued to his phone, ugh.

This is a tell-tale sign that he is disinterested in what you have to say and also proves that he’s on his phone a lot and still can’t find the time to message you/

3. He Never Compliments You

Being complimented can make you feel happy and secure with the person you’re seeing. After all, a compliment is a way of showing interest and appreciation.

When you start to notice the lack there of however, it can be somewhat disheartening.

2. Your Interaction Is Mainly In The Bedroom

This is a pretty obvious one but if you only seem to spend time together under the sheets… Well, you know the drill.

If he gets up and leaves right after the fun is over, that is a huge red light also.

1. You Feel Like You’re Crazy

One the seediest traits about f*ckboys is that you feel like the crazy one. Believe us, you’re not.

If you’ve fallen for a f*ckboy, it can be really upsetting waiting for the texts you’ll never get, hearing he’s off with other people and realising he doesn’t actually see you as a long-term commitment.

Heads up, you’ll find someone someday who thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread – So long f*ckboys!

Until then lets all follow the gospel according to Dua Lipa:

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