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7 Reasons Why Mayo People Are The Best In Ireland

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Mayo is a beautiful county, full of majestic cliffs and pristine beaches.

But as great as the scenery is, the craic is even better.

Here are seven reasons why Mayo people are the greatest.

1. They never give up

The Mayo GAA team may fall at the last hurdle time and time again, but the fans will never stop supporting them.

2. They go all out

It’s not enough to just cheer for Mayo, they have to paint their houses, cars, sheep and children red and green.

3. They have their own language

Shtop the lights.

4. They’re true foodies

Every Mayo person knows Supermacs is the best takeaway by a mile.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of snack boxes on the Dublin to Westport train.

5. They have great taste in music


6. They know hard work

For many Mayo people, there’s no escaping helping out on the bog in the summer, and they have the farmers’ tans and strong arms to show for it.

7. And they’re very charming

How else would they get the likes of Dave Grohl and Chris O’Dowd on the #mayo4sam bandwagon?

Mayo For Sam

image: Aideen Murray

Hup Mayo!

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