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20th Dec 2016

8 Of The Best Geek Hangouts In Dublin


The gaming culture in Dublin would have been considered on the fringe several years ago but its far more accessible these days with attendance at conventions and meet ups steadily on the rise. The gaming community is really celebrated across Ireland and they’ve a full calendar of activities which you can check out on the Irish Games Association website. So with all this in mind we’ve made a list of 8 of the best geek hangouts that we’re most familiar with which offer something for all kinds of gamers – from the novice to the hardcore.

1. Games Workshop

Unit 3, Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1

This place is packed full of the best merchandise and is perfect if you want to just pop in and pretty much hang there all day painting Warhammer models. The staff are known for being really enthusiastic about all their products which makes for a great place just to wander in and have a look around.


2. Forbidden Planet

5-6 Crampton Way, Dublin 2

Forbidden Planet will cover all your geeky needs – comics, manga, movies, gaming and toys. Perfect if you’re just starting out!


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3. Irish Film Institute

6 Eustace Street, Dublin 2

The IFI has been around for over 7 decades has has a serious foothold on the city’s geek culture. There’s always a great selection of obscure foreign films, classics, sci-fi and indie movies here that you wouldn’t get to see in Dublin on the big screen otherwise. They also have a full licensed bar, restaurant and coffee shop so you can spend hours binge watching your favourite movies or just surfing the web overloaded with caffeine.


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4. The Big Bang

Pembroke District, Dundrum Town Centre, Sandyford Road, Dublin 14

Voted Best Comic Book shop in Ireland 3 years in a row and organisers of DICE, this place is the perfect suburban hangout if you don’t want to have to trek into the city centre.

5. Xtreme

31 Liffey Street Lower, Dublin 1

This place really caters to hardcore gamers. Xtreme are constantly organising events for the geek community from parties to competitions and have a seriously slick set up inside – so slick it was next to impossible to find an interior photo!


6. The Black Sheep

61 Capel Street, Dublin 1

This pub is really popular with the geeks, not only for its laid back feel but they also host board-game nights and fun activities in the evenings… and it’s only a short stroll from some of the outlets mentioned above.


7. Sub City

62 Dame Street, Dublin 2

There’s a large emphasis on Irish comics and local artists in Sub City which makes them stand out from the rest with epic second hand prints available to purchase. You could get lost in this treasure trove of old school comics.


8. Cassidy’s Pub

27 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2

Like The Black Sheep, Cassidy’s pride theselves in a very friendly, relaxed environment. They always have boardgames on-hand for any punters but you’ll be sure to spot a few gamers in here having meet-ups and enjoying the excellent mix mash of tunes.

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