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26th Dec 2017

90s Nostalgia Alert – This Disney Classic Is On Channel 4 Today

Megan Cassidy

The perfect Stephen’s Day Disney movie is on Channel 4 today, and it finishes just in time for us to get ready to head out. *dancing girl emoji* 

The Little Mermaid is on at 4:20pm until 6pm – meaning our new Stephen’s Day schedule is The Little Mermaid – dinner – get ready to head out. 

The movie tells the story of a sixteen-year-old mermaid princess who longs to live on land, and meets the man of her dreams when she is washed up on shore. 

With classics like Part of your World and Under The Sea, it’s the perfect way to warm up those lungs before belting out Fairytale of New York in the pub tonight. 

Catch Disney’s The Little Mermaid on Channel 4 at 4:20pm.