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15th Dec 2017

Ireland’s First National Burger Festival Will Take Place Next Month


Yes, you read it right. 

Ireland’s first national burger festival is set to take place next month. 

And, although we may still be digesting Christmas dinner, it would be wrong to say no to a good, juicy burger.


BurgerFest 2018 is set to run from January 22nd to 29th, and over 300 spots are expected to enter their signature burgers for the competition, according to the Irish Times.

The aim of the festival? To find the best burger in the country!

Everyone and anyone interested can vote for the burger that they think deserves the title using the hashtag #IrishBurgerFest.

The event is being run by the Festival Crew, who have previously organised events including Cork Food Festival and Oktoberfest Beag, and we can’t bloody wait.

Different restaurants, pubs and fast-food restaurants will run competitions, burger specials and much more over the 8 day festival, and we can’t wait to see what it’s all about. 

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