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04th Jan 2018

A “F*ck Off Fund” Is The One Thing We Should All Be Saving Money For


You’ve made it through college despite living off noodles and beans for four years, you’ve done the unpaid internship and now – tadah! – you’re finally making real money and living in a real apartment. 

But with all those bills and more bills and bills upon bills… Chances are you’re not saving very much moolah. 

The one thing you should be saving for? It’s a Fuck Off Fund

The term comes from an article by Paulette Perhach, who makes the case that everyone should have enough money saved that they can quit their job (or partner) in an emergency and basically just feck off. 

She writes about the scenario of your boss being a creep: “You know what to do. You’re just shocked to find you’re not doing it. You are not telling him to fuck off. You are not storming out. All you’re doing is math. 

“You have $159 in the bank and your car payment and your maxed out credit cards and you’ll die before you ask your dad for a loan again and it all equals one thought: I need this job.”

How many of us have stayed in a job or a relationship for WAY longer than we truly wanted simply because there’s no way we could afford to live on our own?

Having a Fuck Off Fund of anything from €1,000-€3,000 means that you can rest assured that if things all go tits up you have enough money – and the freedom – to simply walk away from the situation and not be stuck financially for a month or so. 

We’re starting one up straight away – and if things stay perfect, it can always go toward a holiday. Win-win. 

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