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05th Jan 2017

A Great-Grandmother Has Accidentally Been Praying To This ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Figurine


A great-grandmother in Brazil has made the most adorable mistake of 2017 so far by praying to a Lord Of The Rings figurine that she thought was St Anthony, a Christian saint.

As reported by Buzzfeed News, Gabriela Brandão posted images of the figurine to her Facebook account when she realised that the precious figure her grandmother prayed to every day was not as eh, authentic, as it seemed.

Full Size Render 16

Photo: Facebook

Yep… If you look closely you will spot that it is in fact Elrond, one of the elves from the legendary Tolkien trilogy.

Hobbit Elrond Weaving 1204 Dragonlord 1

After noticing the pointy ears on the figurine of her grandmother’s ‘St Anthony’, Gabriela searched for it online and found an exact replica of the figurine – which clearly states its Lord Of The Rings heritage.

Full Size Render 17

Sure look… Elrond, St. Anthony – tomato, tomahto, amiright?

We say let the lady keep praying to her prescioussssss.

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