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03rd Aug 2022

A Guinness-drinking Pony called Patrick has been named Mayor of a small English village

Fiona Frawley

Pony with a small green top hat drinking out of a bowl at a small bar, with a sign that reads "patrick's bar"

It’s great to see the Irish doing well over there, in fairness.

Well, Patrick the pony was allegedly born in Devon, but I’m going to need the birth cert to prove it. A Guinness drinking pony who’s a regular at the village pub, and rocks a miniature green top hat like he was born to wear it? Sounds pretty Irish to me. This is like the Brits claiming Paul Mescal all over again.

Politics aside, what we’re really here to do is talk about everything Patrick has achieved in his short life.

Four year old Patrick was born on St. Patrick’s Day (fittingly) 2018, and became a regular at his local pub in Cockington, Devon after his owner after his owner Kirk Petrakis started bringing him in to cheer up locals who were struggling during the pandemic, according to Irish Central. I’m not 100% sure how the pub was open during the pandemic but to be fair, with a pony as the Mayor it must have been tough to enforce lockdown rules.

After the Mayor of Cockington, Don Mills, passed away in 2019, a petition was started calling to elect Patrick the Pony as his successor. The petition, which garnered over 200 signatures, reads:

We believe Patrick would be a brilliant Pony Mayor for Cockington, for being non judgemental and genuinely caring and supportive to all. If you agree and think Patrick The Pony would make a great Mayor of Cockington  please sign this petition.

According to the petition, Patrick is also the official mascot for Devon Recovery Learning Community, and a regular visitor to hospitals, recovery groups, mental health wards, specialised schools and wakes, where he “has provided comfort and support to many going through challenging times”. He has also helped to raise money for Ukraine. An impressive cv, when all’s said and done.

Last month, Patrick was appointed the “unofficial mayor” of Cockington, and even has his own office. The miniature Shetland was presented his Mayor chain by local councillor Andrew Barrand, with local MPs in attendance at the ceremony too.

Patrick has made history as the first pony Mayor but didn’t make a speech at the ceremony, as his owner told the Mirror – “he is a little horse”.

Header image via Facebook/The Drum Inn 

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