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03rd Nov 2017

A Gripping Movie About One Of The Most Famous Hostage Rescues Ever Is Now On Netflix


If you’re looking for something intense to watch this weekend, this latest Netflix release might be something to consider.

6 Days is now available to stream and tells the story of the iconic hostage situation that happened in the Iranian Embassy in London in April 1980.

26 people were taken hostage by six armed gunmen who demanded the release of Arab prisoners in Khuzestan and held people in the embassy hostage when they didn’t get their way.

Elite British soldiers attempted to free those kept safely over a six day stand-off.

The movie stars Jamie Bell, Mark Strong and Abbie Cornish and is directed by Toa Fraser and is set to have you on the edge of your seat.

6 Days is seen through a number of perspectives including the government, hostages, media, and those involved on the mission that captured the world’s attention.

You can watch the trailer below:

Will you be interested in watching it?

header image: Netflix

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