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15th Jan 2019

PIC: This Irish GAA Club Had A Proper Father Ted Like Moment With Their GAA Lotto

Darragh Berry

No. Before you ask, the person running the lotto did not end up winning the jackpot like in the famous ‘Think Fast, Father Ted’ episode.

In that famous clip, Ted decides to hold a raffle on the island to help fix the leak in his roof.

The prize is a brand new car but upon getting the new car, Dougal notices there’s a dent in it.

Ted chips away at said dent until he absolutely obliterates the car like so…

He ends up “borrowing” an identical car off his friend ‘The Dancing Priest’ and plans to rig the raffle with the number 11 so that he and Dougal will win and that they can return the car back safely to Father Finnegan.

It’s also the episode that’s famous for the ‘Ghost Town’ national anthem scene.

Anyway, we think this lotto storyline would have been a close second with the Father Ted writers when they came up with that particular episode.

Mayo GAA club, Achill, hold a weekly Lotto draw but this week’s one was a bit more bizarre than usual.

The numbers picked out for the €7,000 jackpot were:


In that order, one after another.

Not even the biggest messer on the Mayo island managed to have those numbers down on a ticket so the jackpot was rolled over.

Achill Lotto Numbers 1234

We asked Mayo financial expert, Barry ‘BazAye’ Lawless what were the odds of these numbers coming up in that order.

After some sort of sorcery, he found that the odds of this happening are 0.0000015869%.

That means that the draw could take place thousands of times one after another and never produce a row of numbers like that again.

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