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09th Jul 2017

6 Addictive Netflix Shows To Binge On This Sunday Evening


You know why you’re here.

You’re here because decisions are hard. You’re here because you’re so indecisive that you can’t even decide on what TV show to watch.

So we’re gonna throw you a bone. 

Take the easy route and just pick one of these seven options tonight.

1. El Chapo

Based on the tale of the titular drug lord, this series tells the story of his rise to the top of the narcotic food chain — and the violence that it entailed.

If you liked Narcos, this is for you.


When an out-of-work actress in ’80s Hollywood shows up for an audition for “unconventional women”, she finds entering the world of GLOW: Gorgeous Women Of Wrestling. 

Cue spandex, glitter and stardom.

3. Salem

This supernatural series is set in 17th century Massachusetts during the infamous witch trials. 

In this telling of the story, the witches are real — but they may not be the true evil at the heart of Salem…

4. Dear White People

Based on the acclaimed indie film, this satirical show examines what it’s like to be a person of colour in a ‘post-racial’ American college. 

5. Gypsy 

Bored of her uneventful life, a New York therapist develops a problem of immersing herself too deeply in the lives of her patients. But when she becomes fascinated with her patient’s ex-girlfriend, her life starts to spiral out of control.

6. Luther

Detective Chief Inspector John Luther is a brilliant and obsessive policeman but dealing with horrific crimes every day takes his toll, leaving him struggling with demons both within and without.

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