Ah Here - Britain Is Trying To Claim ANOTHER One Of Our Actors

You'd think his name would've given the game away...


As you may or may not have seen, luxury clothing giant Burberry has released a video entitle 'The Tale of Thomas Burberry', starring none other than homegrown talent Domhnall Gleeson in the main role. 

Great day for the actor. Great day for the brand. Great day for the Irish.

But wait, there's more. 

British GQ posted about the video on their Facebook page, and to our horror, this was how they described young Gleeson. 

Screen Shot 2016 11 02 At 11 39 30
Screen Shot 2016 11 02 At 11 39 35

Yep, British.

This naturally caused an uproar, which thankfully led the article to being edited. 

Screen Shot 2016 11 02 At 11 44 43

Not cool, guys. 

Not cool.

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