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28th Oct 2018

PIC: American Restaurant Claiming These Dishes As ‘Irish Classics’

Darragh Berry

If you’re on a J1 or even if you’ve packed up all your belongings to start a new life in the USA, you’re always going to miss home from time to time.

You’ll crave that bag of Tayto, even though you’re a Barry’s person at heart, you’d settle for a cup of Lyons. And as for mammy’s dinners, her bacon and cabbage would bring a tear to your eye on a cold winter’s day.

So it’s inevitable that you’re going to want to hit the Irish bars and Restaurants every so often to get your Irish Breakfast or your pint of Guinness.

But we must say, of all the things that Mammy has made us over the years that were an Irish classic, we don’t ever remember these being on the list.

Irish Classics 1

Reddit User, zigglezip, was disgusted to see these on the list. ‘Irish Mac ‘n’ cheese’, ‘St.Ivan Fish Tacos’ – come out of it.

Tbh, Bangers and Mash is even pushing it and don’t even get us started on the ‘Reuben’.

Who knows, the St.Ivan Fish Tacos might have a great-grandfather that was 1/4 Irish from Castlebar.

That’s more than enough to celebrate St. Patty’s Day? Right?