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06th Nov 2017

PICS: This Limerick Girl’s Peppa Pig Birthday Cake Went Hilariously Wrong


A Peppa Pig cake is one of the most popular requests for a toddler’s birthday, but one Limerick bakery seemingly weren’t familiar with the cute cartoon. 

The Irish Sun shared the hilarious story of a cake mishap which left two-year-old Layla-Valentina with a rather unconventional USB stick cake.

Limerick mum, Karen Moroney ordered the cake to celebrate her daughter’s birthday and was asked to bring the picture she wanted on the cake to the bakery on a memory stick.

Speaking to The Sun she said, “The Peppa Pig picture was the only file on the USB. But someone got their wires crossed and put a picture of the USB on the cake instead!”

And this was the final result of the two-year-old’s birthday cake:

Thankfully, both Karen and the bakery saw the funny side of the mishap, and the cake shop put things right by icing over the USB image with an actual photo of the much loved pig, and they also got their money back.

Karen said, “The cake tasted fab and we all had a laugh in the end  – and we got the price of the cake back!”

Have you ever had a cake mishap?

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