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04th Apr 2018

The Entire Country Wants This Irish ‘Disco Bouncy Castle’ – And We Can See Why


Y’know how birthday parties when you were young always followed the same trend? Funzone activity centres, face painting in the garden or, if your parents were really sound, a bouncy castle. 

Well listen up boys and girls. Things just got a shit tonne better for the youth of 2018. 

A company in Sligo is now doing a Disco Bouncy Castle – the only one in Ireland

Beat The Bounce posted the video of their LED light flashing, disco ball and music pumping bouncy castle on Facebook a few weeks ago and it’s since racked up a huge 164k views and over 3.5k comments of people from all over the country who desperately need this in our lives. 

There may or may not be a comment from us. Don’t judge. This disco thing is cool.

We don’t care if bouncy castles are meant to be for kids… This looks like the BEST FUN EVER

Are we too old for this? Please, say no. We NEED this at our birthday party this year.

Just a note, fellow disco dancers, they only deliver within 40 km of Sligo.  

H/T: 98FM. 

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