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28th Nov 2017

Apparently These Are The Best Times Of The Day To Post On Instagram


If you have some Insta-worthy snaps that you’re dying to upload but want to get the most likes and comments at the same time, lucky for you the best times of the day have been revealed by Latergramme.

Metro reports that the company analysed over 61,000 posts to see which ones recieved the most engagement and were then able to figure out what time was the best time to post.

It turns out the most successful times were at 5pm which makes sense with people commuting home from work, but also 2am in the morning which is surprising.

You would think that at 2am everyone would be tucked up in bed and the last thing they would check would be Instagram – but then again on the weekends, you’re more likely to be awake after a night out.

The best times of the day to post your Insta snaps varied, so if you’re trying to boost your engagement with your followers – here are the best times to post:

Monday: 7pm and 10pm

Tuesday: 3am and 10pm

Wednesday: 5pm

Thursday: 7am and 11pm

Friday: 1am and 8pm

Saturday: 12am and 2am

Sunday: 5pm

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