Attention Everyone - Ireland's Next Top Madra Is Now A Thing

Can your pooch be the one to win it all?

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Finally, a competition we can all get behind. 

Ireland's Next Top Madra, in association with RSVP Magazine, is looking to crown Ireland's most lovable canine each year. Along with crowning Ireland's most lovable pooch, they will also be bringing you some their favourite doggie stories, pictures, videos and giveaways.

Sounds right up our alley. 

Keen to get involved?

Of course you are. 

Have a gander at their Facebook page for puppy inspiration. 

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Photo cred: RSVP

Last year's winner was lovely Luca, but this year's winner is still to be decided - BY YOU. 

The prize up for grabs is a year's supply of Pettura products. to keep the hungry winner happy, healthy and keep their tails wagging.

Sound like your kind of competition?

Of course it does. It's all of our kind of competition.

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