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12th Oct 2018

“Belfast Under The Stars”: Is This The CHEAPEST Airbnb Listing In Ireland?

Darragh Berry

Call in sick from work, cancel your plans because we’re all heading to Belfast.

As you know Airbnb is the ideal place to find a cheap spot but this listing in the north of the country is just something else.

A couple have offered the public a tent on the side of the road which gives “adventurous solo or couple travellers” the opportunity to see “Belfast under the Stars”.

The listing states that the tent has enough space for two guests and includes two beds and one bath.

And it can be yours for just €8 a night, cheap as chips.

“My place is close to the beach, the Zoo, Cavehill, family-friendly activities, public transport, Golf course.

“You’ll love my place because of Irish Hospitality. My place is good for couples and solo adventurers.”

Airbnb Tent

There are four images under the listing, one of which (above) is the two man tent which is situated on grass and set up next to a picket fence.

It is of course missing your standard Airbnb items like heating, a kitchen, a bath or an iron but who needs all those things when you have the beautiful Belfast sky above you?

It has got one review so far from a girl from Belgium who said: “Very nice and kind guest 🙂 left the room in a great condition. I recommend.”

Is it a joke? Maybe they are deadly serious. All we know is, it could be the perfect spot for a cheap night in Belfast for those on a budget, weather permitting of course.