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29th Apr 2020

Bosco is back on the telly this weekend and will be taking questions from Ireland’s children

James Fenton

Bosco won’t be known to many Irish children in this day and age but for a certain generation, the name will be very familiar.

It’s a long time since Bosco was a regular on Irish TV but this weekend, the public can welcome the red-haired puppet back into their lives with open arms.

Ireland AM on Virgin Media will play host to Bosco this Saturday morning and the children of Ireland are being asked to send in their question for the 1980s icon. No doubt a large proportion will be penned by excitable mammies and daddies looking to touch base with their idol.

You can check out Bosco’s address to the nation (and it IS an address to the nation) below…

If you didn’t catch it, video questions for Bosco should to [email protected] and be sure to film in landscape and not portrait. If you’ve ever wanted to ask Bosco anything, now is the time to pretend your children are doing it for you.

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