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14th Feb 2020

Brendan O’Connor named to take over RTE Radio 1 slot

Sarah Finnan

Brendan O'Connor to take over RTE Radio 1 slot

RTE has confirmed the news that Brendan O’Connor will take over the mid-morning slot previously headed by Marian Finucane.

Brendan O’Connor has been named as the new presenter for the RTE Radio morning show.

According to the RTE website, he’ll present a two-hour programme on RTE Radio one starting in mid-March.

Leaving his current role as the deputy editor of the Sunday Independent and editor of Life magazine O’Connor will replace the late great Marian Finucane on the 11am-1pm slot.

The broadcaster, who passed away suddenly at her home at the age of 69, began working with RTE in the 1970s – quickly becoming one of the country’s most beloved broadcasters.

Hoping to carry on Marian’s legacy, the show will be a mixed bag of topics – shedding light on everything from travel and entertainment to politics and current affairs.

Often tasked with standing in on the show when Marian was on leave, he has been presenting the programme since her passing in January.

Speaking about the new role, O’Connor said:

“After 15 years working in the Sunday Independent, I’m delighted to be joining the weekends on RTE Radio 1. The weekend is a time to pause, take a breath and review the week, and it’s also a time when people like a different more reflective kind of radio, maybe even a bit of fun.”

Expressing his excitement at the news, he later added:

“I’m looking forward to developing an informative, sparky, original and unpredictable show. I want this to be robust and enjoyable radio, always questioning and always seeking insight”.

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