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PIC: There’s Now A “British Pub On O’Connell Street” And People Online Are Confused

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This will certainly have you doing a double take.

When it comes to pubs, we don’t discriminate. As long as they do nice Guinness and the craic is 90, we’ll sit on the high stool of any pub, no matter what’s on the outside.

But this photo that’s doing the rounds online has confused a lot of people.

Here stands a pub called “British Pub” which is on O’Connell Street according to the street name above the door.

While we were trying to put our finger on whereabouts this new “British pub” was situated on the famous street, we noticed that the irish spelling for O’Connell Street says: “Sráid O’Connell” and ‘O’ where the ‘UI’ should be.

It had us hella confused.

British Pub Article

calllery shared this on Reddit and left people guessing before finally admitting that it was a hub in Tokyo.

The boys over in Japan really need to do their research before they open their next ‘Irish’ or ‘British’ haunt.

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