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07th Jun 2017

Cancel All Plans Because ‘The Snapper’ Is On RTÉ Tonight

James Fenton

“It’s a terrible shock.”

“What is?”

“Being married for 25 years, and finding out your husband’s a prick.”

The Snapper. Two words that when placed together fill Irish people with joy, giddiness and an insatiable desire to deliver a few quotes from the 1993 movie.

The expletive-laden comedy usually gets an airing on Irish TV around Christmas time but tonight, Wednesday June 7, we’re all in for a special treat as Roddy Doyle’s masterpiece starts on RTÉ 1 tonight at 9.35pm.

That’s the evening sorted anyway. If you’re heading out, set the recorder. All together now, ‘Take my hand, take my whoooooole life too…”

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