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22nd Dec 2018

PICS: This Clown Parked In The Middle Of Wicklow Street On One Of The Busiest Shopping Days Of The Year

Darragh Berry

It’s people like this lad who don’t deserve driving licences.

This eejit parked in the middle of Wicklow Street on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

A source told that the Gardaí were waiting “for nearly an hour and a half” for the driver to return to the car.

And when the owner got back he wasn’t all that phased by the Gardaí responding with “so? give me a ticket” after they told him off.

Wicklow Street Car 1
Wicklow Street Car

But all that arrogance and rudeness got him nowhere because the Gardaí ended up “taking his keys off him” in the end, the source said.

The driver of this car is not pictured in the above photos.