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07th Apr 2020

Cast of hit musical Hamilton unites to serenade fan over Zoom

Sarah Finnan

Hamilton cast

The full cast of Hamilton joined in the singsong.

Taking it upon himself to spread good cheer, John Krasinski set up a new YouTube show to do just that. Called Some Good News, the series aims to highlight the positive things happening around us – to show that it’s not all bad news, all the time.

Giving us yet another reason to love him.

Sharing a variety of heartwarming clips and stories, episode one saw John invite Steve Carell on to commemorate the 15th anniversary of The Office. Having set the bar extremely high, it seemed unlikely that subsequent episodes could top the debut but Krasinski has done it again – with help from his wife Emily Blunt.

Teaming up with the cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton, they came together via video call to surprise nine-year-old Aubrey Bauman. Aubrey came to John’s attention after seeing a tweet her mother posted online that read:

“@Lin_Manuel We were supposed to see Hamilton in Jacksonville tonight – DD’s 9th bday present (seeing Hamilton has been her dream since she saw her 1st Broadway show last year), but we’re home watching Mary Poppins Returns instead. At least we’re safe & healthy.”

Hoping to give her a birthday surprise she won’t forget in a hurry, John rallied the cast getting them to “Zoom-bomb” the video call and sing the title song to the young fan.

You can watch the full episode below, skip to 11:32 to be serenaded too.

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