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01st Sep 2018

CBB Fans Furious As Questions Arise Over Roxanne Pallet’s Shock Exit

Megan Cassidy

Celebrity Big Brother fans are ‘furious’ after it’s been announced that Roxanne Pallet has quit the reality show.

The 35-year-old actress suddenly exited the Channel 5 show after a row over a play fight with Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas escalated.

Roxanne accused Ryan of ‘punching’ her during a play fight which led to Ryan receiving a formal warning from Big Brother.

However, viewers didn’t feel the allegations against Ryan were fair, and are now disappointed that Roxanne won’t have an exit interview with Emma Willis to explain where she was coming from.

WATCH: Roxanne and Ryan play fight in the kitchen

After the “play fight”, fans accused Roxanne of holding the wrong side of her body when complaining to Big Brother about being in pain from the punches.

Ryan apologised to Roxanne for the incident on Friday night, saying: “I honestly want you to know I was showing my affection. Maybe it came across the wrong way, I just want to apologise. I want to put it to bed.”

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