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09th Jul 2017

9 Irish Celebrities That Just Wouldn’t Be Famous Anywhere Else In The World


Ireland has an admittedly bizarre taste in celebrity, and even the slightest of viral hits can turn someone into a national superstar. 

And even though we may lose the run of ourselves when we have someone new and shiny to fawn over, we don’t forget them very quickly. 

Here’s our pick of the best Irish personalities that the people of Ireland have fallen for over the past few years. 

1. Mattress Mick

Did you ever think you’d live in a time where a bed-selling veteran would dominate the charts?

Maybe in a perfect world, am I right?

But no, Mattress Mick has risen from the ashes to become a one-stop furniture-shop, for all of your tiresome needs. 

2. The Rubber Bandits

Plastic bags over a face in other countries may cause feelings of concern, worry and general dismay — but not for the people of Limerick city, or indeed the people of Ireland. 

The Rubber Bandits have gone from strength to strength since their days of shifting girls and slagging off Honda Civics and have recently become mental health ambassadors and general do-gooders in today’s society. 

Not too bad for lads whose daily routines involve cutting holes in Centra bags. 

3. Dustin The Turkey

Our 2008 Eurovision candidate ladies and gentleman.

A stitched turkey puppet. There are no words…

4. Jobless Paddy Guy

The man who sent out his CV via billboard

Is there any other country in the world where this could happen? And above all, work?

Lol, noooope.

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5. Eddie Hobbs

A celebrity financial adviser. Did you ever think you’d see the day. 

The Celtic Tiger go-to man of the moment, Eddie Hobbs, once dominated our TV screens and daily thoughts due first to having too much money — and then not enough. 

6. Bosco

The genderless puppet that saved a nation, in every way we could be saved. 

7. Hope Ur Okay Hun 

The fictional character who tells it like it is. Speaking from spice bag experience that most of us would only dream of, Hope Ur Okay Hun xxxx is the modern day answer to Roddy Doyle, and the people’s Ross O’Carroll Kelly. 

The relatable viral superstar speaks fluent Dublinese and tackles hard-hitting problems head on — throwing out jargon such as ‘gee fan’ and ‘snack box’ and ‘creature features’ with ease.

Turn to her the next time you’re in a pickle; she’ll sort you right out.

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8. The woman who came over all a flutter because of Daniel O’Donnell

The nation’s sweetheart, Anne Sheerin, rose to fame back in 2015 with a clip of her going viral at the sight of Daniel and Majella O’Donnell pulling up to her Roscommon B&B. 

Her shrieks signify a joy only dogs can hear, and it was because of her pure, unadulterated joy that we all fell for her charms. 

Dream big Anne, dream big!

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