Maura Higgins reveals reason she split from Curtis Pritchard

By Darragh Murphy

March 30, 2020 at 4:40pm


Maura Higgins has explained her reasoning for splitting up with Curtis Pritchard.

Up until now, the reason for the break-up remained a mystery but Maura Higgins has now broken her silence on why the Love Island pair decided to go their separate ways.

Clarifying the split which made headlines earlier this month, Maura told The Sun that the long distance element, coupled with their busy schedules, resulted in the break-up.

The Longford woman said: "I just felt like I'm 29 and I want somebody that I can see a future with. I'm not getting any younger.

"Curtis and I barely saw each other. At the beginning, it was very, very hard because I was so besotted with him, and we never got to see each other.

"When we did, it was really nice because you got the time to miss somebody. But sometimes it would be two weeks.


"You know when you're in a relationship and you know someone's day-to-day? We were that busy that we didn't, and it was strange."

Maura admitted that the support Curtis gave her during her spell on Dancing On Ice was appreciated but it ultimately wasn't enough to salvage the relationship.

"He was coming to some of the shows and stuff, but we were still very, very busy and it just took a toll on the relationship in the end," she added.

"I fall in love quickly, but I fall out of love even quicker.

"I tend to get over someone in my head before I actually dump them. It's good isn't it?"


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