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23rd Sep 2019

Reddit Users Think That Michael D Higgins Looks Like Danny DeVito Playing Bernie Sanders

Sarah Finnan

Michael D Higgins is somewhat of a national treasure.

People make tea cosies in his likeness (Michael Tea Higgins) and his furry friends cause more of an online frenzy than Kim K ever could. The nation loves Bród and Síoda almost as much as they love Michael D himself.

We all know that the leprechaun comparisons are rife, given his pint-sized stature, but now Reddit users have pointed out that Miggeldy looks suspiciously like Danny DeVito dressed up as US politician Bernie Sanders.

Ireland’s President looks like Danny DeVito playing Bernie Sanders from r/pics

And now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it.

Here’s Bernie Sanders.

And here’s Danny DeVito.

Uncanny. Both legends though in fairness.

Let’s hope that if there’s ever a Michael D biopic, we can get Danny on board.

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