Swims to Keep You Dry

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Swims shoes have a really nice story built from Norwegian tradition. Johan the designer got a pair of galoshes from his grandfather that inspired him to create his own range. He also did this out of necessity and living in cities with too much rain. Swims go beyond galoshes into a beautiful line of boots and shoes.

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The George Chukka Boot is a handsome kick and starts at €169 online. It looks smart, casual and could easily be worn with a slick suit as well as jeans. They're comfortable like a sneaker, warm and waterproof. The lace is on a quick lace system that is perfect for the lazy pull on and off move. The look itself is very unique and the combination of grey gun smoke, white and orange soles so it means you'll get noticed. Practical, comfortable and beautiful what more do you want in a pair of boots. I highly recommend them! 


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Written By

Graham Kinsella

General Manager Lovin Group