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20th Dec 2016

These Tailored Shirts and Suits Can Never Get Stained


Vardama has designed a range of haute couture menswear with stain-proof and self-cleaning technology.

We’ve all been there, dressed to the hilts in our favourite garb and then along comes the red wine or gravy that ruins everything. Stains can destroy a good shirt or ties and can happen at the most inappropriate moments too (right before the big pitch or date). Now a company called Vardama based in New York promises to avoid these situations by designing a range of haute couture menswear with stain proof and self cleaning technology.

The fabric contains technology called Equa-Tek. Using nanotechnology, Vardama treats each individual fibre before the material itself is woven, rather than the typical process of surface coating fabrics after they’ve been produced, which can make them stiff and hinder breathability. Thanks to this technoque, the natural characteristics of the fibres, ranging from Egyptian cotton to Merino wool remain unchanged making their garments soft to touch.


Vardama’s spill-resistant ties start from $49, while the shirts can be pre-ordered from $125. The company also offers tailored suits from $695. So far the range is purpose built for men, who dribble loads, apparently.