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14th Sep 2018

One Of Cillian Murphy’s Most Underrated Movies Is On Television Tonight

Darragh Berry

This is a win-win for you regardless.

If you’re not going out, brilliant, this will sort out your Friday night viewing and if you are going out, you’ll have a whopper night on Friday and be able to chill watching this at some stage over the weekend…

…that’s if you remember to record it.

Cillian Murphy is propping up our television screens tonight in one of his most underrated films.

Starring Rachel McAdams (Lisa Reisert), the psychological thriller follows the story of her character who is terrorised by Murphy’s character (Jackson Rippner) on board a red-eye flight to Miami.

Basically, one wrong move and Lisa’s father could be killed at the hands of Jackson and as if that isn’t bad enough, isn’t she only sitting beside him for the entirety of the flight.

It was coined the “best thriller of 2005” by Rolling Stones and here’s why:

It’s got an 80% Rotten Tomatoes rating and both McAdams and Murphy were nominated for loads of awards because of it.

It’s 90 minutes and it’s starting late at night but it’s definitely worth waiting up for…

…you’re going to fall asleep aren’t you, just please record it now, FFS.

Red Eye is on Channel 4 Friday Night/Saturday morning at 12:40am.

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