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06th Jul 2018

It Seems Cillian Murphy Is About To Star In One Of The Greatest Irish Shows Ever Made

Darragh Berry

Cillian Murphy is a man in demand.

When he’s not being rumoured to take over one of the biggest acting roles of all time, his name is put in the hat to appear in one of the biggest Irish shows in recent years.

It may come as no surprise that the man from Cork would like to return to a show that’s really close to home.

He told The Herald that he is a big fan of The Young Offenders and that he would like to make a feature in series two.

“It would have to be a good part, mind,” he told the publication.

“I’ve met those lads and they’re brilliant lads and brilliant actors and I love the series,”

When asked if he thought there was a possibility that the Peaky Blinders series could come to the big screen, Murphy said: “It’s a possibility. I definitely wouldn’t rule it out. He’s such a brilliant writer and writes films so that could happen.”

But, for the time being, you can catch Murphy’s latest film ‘The Delinquent Season’ in cinemas on Friday 27th April.

From the writers of the famous Irish movie ‘Intermission’, Mark O’Rowe’s newest drama, ‘The Delinquent Season’ is set in suburban Dublin and revolves around two married couples.

And we have a plot summary on trailer of the film rightttt here.

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