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31st May 2021

“Da” is how Irish people refer to an uncle, according to TMZ

James Fenton

Unless you were staycationing under Ireland’s biggest rock over the weekend, you will have seen or heard about all the Matt LeBlanc memes that originated during the Friends reunion.

Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani in the hit sitcom, charmed us all with his choice of shirt and posture, as Irish people declared him nation’s Da, or uncle, depending on your point of view.

Well, it seems that Hollywood tabloid publication TMZ have got it all mixed up as they summed up the story for their readers today. In an article headlined ‘Matt LeBlanc – Ireland’s Favourite Uncle’ they say that ‘Irish fans have gone nuts over what they call Matt’s jovial attitude, his look and his choice of clothing. They say Matt reminds them of their “da”… that’s how the Irish refer to an uncle.’

Realising their mistake, they have since edited it to say “a father or uncle” but, eh, that’s still not right, is it? Best leave the Joey meme talk up to us, TMZ.

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