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10th Oct 2018

PIC: Dealz’ Newest “Impregnated” Item Will Leave You Asking The Same Question

Darragh Berry

Dealz can make us laugh and freak us out within the space of 24 hours.

Yesterday, we found out that their latest addition at the self-service checkouts had got lots of people talking.

One person even said that it would “narrate their nightmares” for the rest of their lives – we think it’s a funny feature though.

Today, however, I think we can all agree that Dealz have knocked it out of the weirdness park with this item that they “impregnated”.

Now before you see this product, you’re going to immediately scream “IMPREGNATED WITH WHAT?”

That’s right, Dealz have “impregnated” these sponges with soap but we honestly think they could have used a better word.

Like “inserted”, “filled with” anything but a word that normally insinuates that semen has been used.

Great idea all the same, but maybe fix the packaging.

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