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04th Dec 2018

Don’t Panic But Tommy Tiernan Has Revealed Plans For A ‘Derry Girls’ Film

Darragh Berry

Talk about getting two amazing Christmas presents at one go.

Tommy Tiernan has revealed that not only is there definitely going to be a season three but there’s also a high possibility of a movie being made.

This would certainly follow in the footsteps of Channel 4’s last big-big show, The Inbetweeners which ended after three seasons but released two movies for the big screen.

Speaking to Ian Dempsey on Today FM, Tiernan who plays ‘Gerry’ said that:

“We finished filming the second series (of Derry Girls) last Friday so that’ll go out in March”.

“We’re doing season 3 and then a film maybe”.

“That’s all up to Lisa (McGee). That’s her going away and sitting in a shed in London and just coming up with all the stories”

“She’s a genius I think in terms of the amount of stories she’s able to fit into each episode and I think it’s fantastic”.

Derry Girls was an absolute smash hit when it hit our screens at the start of 2018. In an era of Netflix and television on demand, it was actually painful having to wait a week for the next installment.

If somehow haven’t seen the first season of Derry Girls yet, catch yourself on and have a read of this piece below by us to get yourself up to date.

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