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Derry Girls Fans Will Be Delighted With The Latest News About Season 2 Addition

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Derry Girls is now finished for the year after its successful six episode stint.

It will be back next year for a second season and it’s going to come back with a bang if this interview with creator, Lisa McGee, is anything to go by. 

McGee – a proud Derry Girl herself – answered the question that had been on everyone’s lips since the rumours came out. 

One of Derry’s most famous celebrities will be on the second series, making it even better than the first. 

(We didn’t think that was possible either).

In an interview with IFTN, Lisa McGee said about Girls Aloud Nadine Coyle joining the cast that:

“Yeah I’ve been in contact with Nadine, I’m going to meet up with her in the next few weeks’ she’s a big fan of the show as well. I haven’t even written it yet you know, it’s just one of those things. 

“I am just trying to find stories for the main characters at the minute so I am coming up with those and trying to just find the joy of it again. It was really nice writing that first series so I need to just go back and talk to my friends and find those stories. 

“There is loads there, so it just about finding the right ones for series two and what political thing is going to float into it, I might do the cease fire, I might not, so I am just working through all that at the minute.”

McGee also said how proud she was of the fab four (and the wee English fella too) about how easily they formed a chemistry together.

“We knew that they had to click like that. So it wasn’t just about finding the best actor but the best combination because you could have someone brilliant who didn’t slot in, or wasn’t believable as part of that group of friends.

“It was a long audition process. I was amazed we found five brilliant comic performers because I just thought it was hard, and they are young. I just feel like we have been very, very lucky with both them and the adult characters.”

It’s going to be a long wait until season two, that’s for sure.

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