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17th Jul 2020

Derry Girls writer sums up what all hairdressers are probably thinking with latest tweet

Sarah Finnan

Derry Girls

Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee had her first hair appointment recently, laughing that her hairdresser was less than impressed with how her hair was looking… relatable, to say the least.

Rewind to a couple of weeks ago and people around Ireland were lamenting the fact that hairdressers and barbers were still closed. A difficult point during lockdown, many have since tried to block that particular period of time from memory. Forced to choose between letting our gruaig run amock or attempting some sort of home cut/box dye job – neither option left much to be desired.

Thankfully hair salons and barbers are back in business once again, and most of us have been making use of the service in an effort to reverse the Cousin Itt transformation and return to our former glory (or at least a former semblance of ourselves).

Including Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee who has called into her hairdresser for the first time in many moons. Summing up what most hairdressers across the country are probably thinking when they see their clients for the first time, Lisa took to Twitter to outline how her first hair appointment went writing:

“I haven’t seen my hairdresser since lockdown and honestly she took one look at the state of it now and said ‘I’m sorry Lisa but that’s ridiculous'”.

Relatable, to say the least. There were more than a few audible gasps when my own hairdresser took a look at my ‘do… and my hairdresser is my mother so that’s saying something.

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