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25th Oct 2017

Did You Apply For Late Late Toy Show Tickets? It’s Not Looking Good…


If you were one of the eager beavers to apply for The Late Late Toy Show tickets this year, we’re sorry to say that your chances are realistically pretty slim.

Last year RTE received about 150,000 applications for tickets over a six week period, whereas this year they’ve already received 80,000 – in just TWO days.

With only 200 seats up for grabs, Ryan Tubridy said to RTE that the site for tickets crashed, and that “even more bizarrely, I got a call yesterday to say that yesterday afternoon after simply 24 hours, the application numbers are at 80,000. And now, that was 150 [thousand] over four or five weeks [last year] – can you imagine where that’s going to go?” 

His advice if you don’t get tickets?

“Just watch it at home! You can relax, and you can wear your jams! Anyway, that’s the kind of level of excitement that’s been whipped up around this bizarre, but I hope brilliant phenomenon.”

But seeing legends like these would be SO much better in person, Tubs…

Applications are still open, so if you still want to try your luck you can apply here. Good luck!

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