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21st Dec 2017

This Documentary About Fairytale Of New York Is Must-Watch TV

Darragh Berry

Here at Lovin, we have a major grá for Fairytale of New York and if you don’t, then here’s 10 reasons why you should

It’s one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time and the fact that it is Irish is something that we can be proud of. 

Even if you’re not fond of FTONY and would rather cut your ears off than listen to the lines, “I coulda been someone, well so could anyone,” you’re probably still going to want to watch this documentary.

We’ve learned that writing a successful Christmas song could make you a decent amount of money each year and Shane MacGowan and company will show the public just how their tune was composed tonight. 

Fairytale of New York: The Story of a Christmas Classic is on RTÉ One (21 December) at 9.35pm

This documentary will bring viewers back to the song’s inception and will investigate what makes the song what it is. 

Featuring Shane MacGowan and other Pogues members Spider Stacy, Cait O’Riordan and Jem Finer, they will discuss the song and share their memories about that time in 1988.

The perfect thing to get you in the Christmas spirit as we edge closer to the big day.

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